Gambling Books - Texas Holdem, 7-Card Stud, Omaha, Blackjack, Craps, Etc.
Super System by Doyle Brunson
Super System 2 by Doyle Brunson
The "Bible of Poker Books". Packed with 608 pages of
hard-hitting information, this is truly a must-buy for aspiring
pros. Includes 50 pages of the most precise poker statistics
ever published! The best theorists and poker players in the
world, Dave Sklansky, Mike Caro, Chip Reese, Bobby
Baldwin and Doyle Brunson, cover the essential strategies
and advanced play in their specialties. This book is perfect
for those wanting to play poker on the Internet. Learn how
the pros play and take your game to the next lever.  Doyle
Brunson's Super System - Paperback.
Price  $39.95     Sale  $29.95
Super System 2 gathers together the greatest players,
theorists, and world champions and expands upon the
original with more games, new authors, and most
importantly, more professional secrets from the best in
the business. Poker’s Greatest Players Share Their
Secrets. This superstar lineup is led by Doyle Brunson,
two-time World Series of Poker Champion, nine-time
WSOP gold bracelet winner, and the greatest poker
player of all time.
Price  $44.95     Sale  $34.95
Caro's Book of Poker Tells by M. Caro
Mike Caro's classic book is now revised and back in
print! This long-awaited brand new edition by the
Mad Genius of Poker, takes a detailed look at the art
and science of tells, the physical giveaways by
players on their hands. Featuring photos of poker
players in action along with Caro's explanations
about when players are bluffing and when they're not,
these powerful eye-opening ideas can give you the
decisive edge at the table!  Paperback. 320 pgs.
Price  $29.95     Sale  $24.95
By Tom McEvoy. Formerly titled
Championship Satellite Strategy, this book
gives you specific, proven strategies for most
satellite structure and situations. In addition to
learning 10 Ways to Win a Seat for the World
Series of Poker and other major tournaments,
you also will find out how to:Win limit hold’em
and no-limit hold’em satellites.  Win one-table
satellites for big tournaments.
Price  $39.95     Sale  $29.95
By Doyle Brunson.  Powerful winning advice and
fascinating anecdotes from poker's greatest player,
Doyle Brunson.  He is a two-time winner of the World
Series of Poker, taking the championship in 1976 and
1977. After winning the series, he co-wrote the poker
classic Doyle Brunson's Super System and is  
considered to be one of the best books written on
poker ever
Price  $19.95     Sale  $16.95
Championship No-Limit & Pot-Limit Hold'em is the
definitive guide to winning at two of the world's most
exciting poker games. T. J. Cloutier and Tom McEvoy
have won millions of dollars playing no-limit and
pot-limit hold'em in cash games and major tournaments
around the world. The two of them have won eight World
Series of Poker bracelets and hundreds of other titles. In
this book, they combine their vast reservoir of expertise
and experience to bring you the world's best advice on
how to make money at no-limit and pot-limit hold'em.
Price  $39.95     Sale  $29.95
Play Poker Like the Pros by P. Hellmuth Jr
This book begins by laying out the rules and set-up of
each game and then moves on to easy-to-follow
basic and advanced strategies. Hellmuth teaches
exactly which hands to play, when to bluff, when to
raise, and when to fold. In addition Hellmuth provides
techniques for reading other players and staying cool
under pressure. What's unique here is the breadth of
coverage, focusing not only on traditional table play
but also on online gaming, at which many high-end
players now prosper.
Price  $19.95     Sale  $14.95
Championship Holdem Tournament Hands
By TJ Cloutier and Tom McEvoy. Packed with
concepts that will take your game to a
championship level, 61 chapters cover every
playable hand in limit and no-limit holdem
games. Tons of examples show you how to play
every starting hand from every position, from the
pre-flop and flop all the way through to the turn
and river. You'll also gain tremendous insights into
how tournament poker is played at the highest
Price  $39.95     Sale  $29.95
One of a Kind: The Stu Ungar Story - NEW!
This intimate, authorized biography shows you the reader
the dark genius of poker's most charismatic and mysterious
star, who could ruthlessly peer into and read other men's
souls but seemed lost and powerless when confronted with
his own. Originally begun as an autobiography until Stu's
untimely death, this biography tells the story of the poker
superstar. Regarded as both the greatest No-Limit Texas
Holdem player of all time, this book covers Ungars early life
in great detail as well as his career as a poker pro.
Paperback, 315 pages and 8 pages of photos
Price  $29.95     Sale  $19.95
After fifteen years of professional poker, Phil Gordon has
poured every single thin he knows about No Limit Texas
Hold'em into this little green book. Through philosophy,
psychology, strategy, math and the knowledge gleaned
from playing poker with everyone from T.J. Cloutier and
Phil Ivey to Hank Azaria and Ben Affleck, Phil breaks
down the game into enlightening instructional tidbits
and illustrative anecdotes that inspire the kind of
persistence and motivation necessary to improve your
Price  $29.95     Sale  $22.95
Win Your Way Into Big Money Holdem Tournament
Poker Wisdom of a Champion
Championship No Limit & Pot Limit Holdem
Phil Gordon's Little Green Book
Best-selling author and poker expert Ken Warren
takes you from the basics of poker to the ins and
outs of playing and winning at every type of
game- cardrooms, casinos, home games and even
on the internet! Learn how to compete in local
tournaments and multi-million dollar televised
events, including the legendary World Series of
Poker. You'll also learn how to play hold'em in all
its forms, including the exciting no-limit games.
Price  $29.95     Sale  $22.95
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Lessons from Pro Poker Tour by Apostolico
The invitation-only Professional Poker Tour is
limited to the top 200 players in the world.  The
author takes you through specific hands, giving
detailed analyses that will teach you how to think
like a pro. Assessment and adaptability are key
factors for survival and success in the fast-moving
games with experienced players. Smart strategy is
your greatest asset, and by studying the hands in
this book, you'll absorb the tactics and approaches
of legendary winners.  
Price  $29.95     Sale  $19.95
Pizza, Pasta and Poker by Vince Burgio
In his first book, Pizza, Pasta and Poker, Vince takes you
behind the scenes as he writes about his life, both
private and public, as a Professional Poker Player. In his
unique story-telling manner familiarized by his
CardPlayer column, "For What It's Worth...," Vince
recalls the pivotal moments in his life leading to a
successful career as one of the world's top poker
tournament players.Burgio's book is not a how-to-win at
poker item. It is more of a "glimpse of a professional
poker player's life."
Price  $29.95     Sale  $22.95
More Holdem Wisdom for all Players
Superstar player Daniel Negreanu provides 50
easy-to-read and right-to-the point hold’em
strategy nuggets that make you a better cash
game and tournament player. The goal is to
become a winner, and the strategies and insights
you’ll learn here will show you how!
Price  $19.95     Sale  $16.95
The Big Book of Poker by Ken Warren
Nick Gullo Guide to Operating Poker Room
Nick Gullo's Guide covers everything that might
be needed in order to play poker, run a poker
room, or to just know what is going on in a casino.
For beginners or advanced players. The author, a
previous poker room owner, casino owner, and
hotel/casino president imparts his wisdom on the
business of poker. It is excellent for a beginner
eager to learn about poker, or for an advanced
player looking to gain a more in-depth view into
different aspects of the game.
Price  $69.95     Sale  $49.95


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Poker Tournament Tips fron the Pros
The Book of Bluffs
Thrill of Poker - Agony of Defeat
Craps - A Smart Shooter's Guide
Win Poker Tournaments!This book will show you how to
be a winner at low-stakes poker pournaments! Following
Smith's advice, you'll learn the best strategies for
advancing to the championship table and winning the
top prize.Every aspect of successful tournament play is
included here, from the four stages of play- opening,
middle, late and final- to the essential winning strategies.
Price  $22.95     Sale  $16.95
Matt Lessinger, a professional poker player and
columnist, who in THE BOOK OF BLUFFS shows
players how to get their opponents to fold--no
matter how strong a hand they've been dealt.
Lessinger reveals how, with the correct timing and
artistry, bluffing will allow a player to win while
holding an inferior hand--the very essence of
Price  $22.95     Sale  $16.95
A humorous and mostly true accounting of the
poker playing world for the average poker player.
This book is relevant to anyone who plays poker,
regardless of experience level. Even if you only
watch poker on ESPN, you can understand and
enjoy this book. This book covers the history of
poker, the different types of poker games, types of
players, venues, playing online, table manners,
and diversity in the poker room
Price  $24.95     Sale  $18.95
Hot and cold streaks form the basis of every
serious craps player's belief and often their
strategy. This is the only book that
mathematically shows craps players how take
advantage of the cycles and patterns of dice
and walk away with profit. Midgley has done all
the painstaking work so players know exactly
what to expect and exactly how to profit from
dice cycle rather than players losing money
while getting a feel for the table.
Price  $19.95     Sale  $14.95